1. RAW
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Adam Nuckels
Deadonfeet Records 2021 ©
BMI 2021 ©


Here’s a question
What’s the cancer
Closed minds
A nuckels comes with answers
Infection control
Ill spread the disease
Open your mouth
The devil’s heat
I’m the ace of spades
No one gives a fuck though
Just grind all day
And rock fo sho doe
It’s the time
You got the right place
I work quick as fuck
The pens swivels my way
Got real ruff ryder’s
These gents are wild
Fuck wit my style
You know I wild
Cause I can
I’m fucking white
Say I’m the man

I know u like when its
The pain is real
I know you feel the thrill
Raw raw raw
Raw raw raw

I’m raw as fuck
Just need a little polish
I ask for help
My time abolished
I’ll say fuck you too
And stay alone
King of my own island
Sittin on suicide throne
I’ll throw you a bone
Remove head from ass
Perfectly placed
Tattoos not Cas
I fuck with the mass
The ones who are real
Perceptions a bitch
Don’t like a peal

I know you like it when it’s
The pain is real fuckin
I know you feel the thrill
Raw raw raw